Tuesday, 19 August 2014

A Short Heart Touching Love Story indeed!


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The Girl was almost mad in love with the boy. The moment they would go home she would start calling or texting her.
The boy did not like this habit of his girl friend.  He was So Tired Of Reading His Girlfriend’s Message.. because, There Are Always “I Love You, I Miss You Or Have You Eaten Your Meals” ? types of message from her.
One Night While Lying On Bed, He Received a Text Message From Her….. He Didn’t Read It Instead, He Went To Sleep.. many more messages folloed… he kept ignoring them.
In The Morning, He was woken up by a call From His girl friend’s mother..
She Was Crying While Telling Him That His Girlfriend Was Killed in an accident while coming back on scooty from a neighborhood shop. She was hit by a speeding car and died after some time. Her parents could not reach the site of accident in time to save her.
That Night She first texted him many times before ringing her parents.
He was shocked and remembered the repeated text messages that were coming from her GF. he opened the messages and read them…. the world started to spin and his mind went blank….
Plz Come. Help Me, I am hit by a car. near my home ……
After some time his cries filled the sky……. but it was too late…

MORAL OF THIS SAD LOVE STORY: Never Ignore A Person Who Loves & Cares For you Because one day you will realise that you have lost the moon while counting the stars…
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